What is a thow?


As tiny house builders, we are always asked this question. What is A tiny house on wheels? (THOW) A tiny house on wheels is a structure which is intended as a full time residence or year-round rental property and meets these 5 conditions:

1. Built on a trailer that was registered with the owner's local DMV.

2. Ability to tow via bumper hitch, or fifth-wheel connection. It cannot, nor designed to, move under it's own power.

3. Is no larger than allowed by applicable law.

4. Has at least 70 square feet of first floor interior living space, and no more than 400 square feet (excludes any lofts)

5. Includes basic functional areas that support normal daily routines (such as cooking, sleeping, and toiletry)

what is the maximum size for a tiny home?


Faq #1 A tiny home cannot be bigger than 400 square foot and therefor cannot be bigger than a 10 by 40 foot THOW

How tall is the maximum height?


You cannot go taller than 13'6 per DOT